Images taken in Texas, many of them on my photography workshops. Click on one photo and then click on the arrows on left or right to view them at the appropriate size. Thanks for viewing.
Chestnut-sided Warbler - Galveston, TXBaltimore Oriole - Galveston, TXLeast Terns Mating - Bolivar Peninsuala, TexasHermit - Galveston, TXRose-breasted Grosbeak - Galveston, TXRoyal Tern and Herring Gull - Galveston, TXBlack-throated Green Warbler - Galveston, TXWilson's PloverIceland Gull - Galveston Island, TX - San Luis Pass, TXBlack-bellied Plover - San Luis Pass, TXBlack Skimmer - San Luis Pass, TXAmerican Redstart, male - Galveston, TXWarbling Vireo - Galveston, TXSanderling - Bolivar Peninsula, TexasAmerican Avocets - Galveston, TXWhite Ibis and Roseate Spoonbill - San Luis Pass, TXEastern Willet - San Luis Pass, TXWhite Ibis - San Luis Pass, TXRoyal Terns - Galveston, TXChestnut-sided Warbler - Galveston, TX