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A gallery of some of my favorite images taken over the years. There are a fair number of bird bathing photos as it was part of a recent magazine submission.
Audubon's Oriole - Santa Clara Ranch, TXRoyal Tern Bathing - San Luis Pass, TXBelding's Ground Squirrels - Malheur NWR, ORBelding's Ground Squirrels Playing - Malheur National Wildlife RWhooping Crane drinking - Calhoun County, TXLaughing Gull - Rockport, TXBontebok - West Coast National Park, South AfricaLeast Grebe - Estero Llano Grande State Park, TXNorthern Cardinal and Pyrrhuloxia - Santa Clara Ranch, Starr Co,Sword-billed Hummingbird and Chestnut-breasted CoronetTownsend's Chipmunk - Whistler, BCGreater Rhea chasing Pampas Fox - Rincon del Socorro, ArgentinaPampas Foxes copulating - Rincon del Socorro, ArgentinaGolden Tegu - Asa Wright Nature Center, TrinidadHippo - Chobe, BotswanaBlue Cranes - Overburg, Western CapeOstrich - Addo Elephant NP, South AfricaGreen Jay - Santa Clara Ranch, TXRed-billed Tropicbirds - Little Tobago Island, Trinidad and Toba