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These images were mostly taken during our Washington Eagle workshops,
Bald Eagle - Kitsap Co, WATufted PuffinBald EagleGreat Blue Heron and Bald EagleBald Eagle and Great Blue HeronPurple Martin, female - Hood Canal, WAPurple Martin with Nesting MaterialChestnut-backed Chickadee - Kitsap County, WAPileated WoodpeckerDark-eyed Junco, juvenileBald EagleBald EagleBald EaglesGreat Blue Heron and Bald EagleGreat Blue HeronBelted KingfisherGreat Blue Heron and Bald EagleCanada Goose with goslingsPigeon Guillemots Mating - Fort Flagler State Park, WABald Eagle Diving with Olympic Mountains