Zenfolio | Nate Chappell | Ecuador

Images taken during our previous Ecuador photo tours Click on one image and then hit the arrows on left or right to view a slideshow. To see info on next year's tour see www.trogontours.net/ecuador
Torrrent Duck - Guango Lodge, EcuadorTurquoise Jay - Guango LodgeChesnut-crowned AntpittaChestnut-breasted CoronetBuff-tailed and Chestnut-breasted Coronets - Guango LodgeWhite-bellied Woodstar, female - Guango LodgeTourmaline Sunangel - Guango LodgeLittle Red Brocket Deer - Guango Lodge, EcuadorCollared Inca - Guango Lodge, EcuadorBuff-tailed Coronets - Guango Lodge, EcuadorWhite-tailed Deer - Papallacta Pass, EcuadorSpectacled Whitestart - San Isidro, EcuadorBlackburnian Warbler - San Isidro, EcuadorCanada Warbler - San Isidro, EcuadorBarred Hawk - San Isidro, EcuadorCrested Quetzal, female - San Isidro, EcuadorWhite-bellied Antpitta - San Isidro, EcuadorInca jay - San Isidro, EcuadorViolet-tailed Sylph - Sachatamia, EcuadorBooted Rackettail - Sachatamia, Ecuador