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Images from the locations of my Arizona photography workshops.
Hooded OrioleHooded OrioleBlue GrosebeakLesser Nighthawk - Amado, AZGreat Horned OwlHepatic Tanager - Madera Canyon, AZWhite-breasted Nuthatch - Madera Canyon, AZScott's Oriole - Madera Canyon, AZMexican Jay - Madera Canyon, AZAcorn Woodpecker - Madera Canyon, AZPallid Bat - Amado, AZGila Woodpecker - Amado, AZGila Woodpecker and Curve-billed ThrasherCurve-billed Thrasher and Wing-winged DoveHooded OrioleLadder-backed WoodpeckerBullock's OrioleNorthern Cardinal femaleRufous-winged SparrowHouse Finch, Pyrruloxia and Cardinal