Zenfolio | Nate Chappell | Texas

Images taken in Texas, many of them on my photography workshops. www.trogontours.net/texas. Click on one photo and then click on the arrows on left or right to view them at the appropriate size. Thanks for viewing.
Chestnut-sided Warbler - Galveston, TXBaltimore Oriole - Galveston, TXLeast Terns Mating - Bolivar Peninsuala, TexasHermit - Galveston, TXRose-breasted Grosbeak - Galveston, TXRoyal Tern and Herring Gull - Galveston, TXBlack-throated Green Warbler - Galveston, TXWilson's PloverIceland Gull - Galveston Island, TX - San Luis Pass, TXBlack-bellied Plover - San Luis Pass, TXBlack Skimmer - San Luis Pass, TXAmerican Redstart, male - Galveston, TXWarbling Vireo - Galveston, TXSanderling - Bolivar Peninsula, TexasAmerican Avocets - Galveston, TXWhite Ibis and Roseate Spoonbill - San Luis Pass, TXEastern Willet - San Luis Pass, TXWhite Ibis - San Luis Pass, TXRoyal Terns - Galveston, TXChestnut-sided Warbler - Galveston, TX